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Dr. Gideon Christian is an Assistant Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Calgary.

Prior to joining the University of Calgary, he was technology lawyer with the National Litigation Section at the federal Department of Justice Canada where he was involved in the use of technology in high profile litigation involving the Government of Canada.

His research interests are in artificial intelligence and law, legal impacts of new and emerging technologies among other areas. Dr. Christian’s research seeks to identify elements of racial bias in laws, policies and in emerging technologies. His research seeks to develop the concept of algorithmic racism which he defined as race-based bias arising from the use of AI-powered tools in the analysis of data in decision making resulting in unfair outcomes to individuals from a particular segment of the society characterised by race. 

Dr. Christian has appeared before the House of Commons Committee on Citizenship and Immigration (CIMM) as an expert in the use of AI in immigration decisions. In 2023, he was awarded the Chief Justice of Ontario Fellow in Research by the Ontario Bar Association Foundation. He was also awarded grant from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada to research on racial bias arising from private sector development and deployment of AI facial recognition technology.

Dr. Christian is a Nigerian-born Canadian. He obtained his law degree from the University of Lagos Nigeria. He was called to the Nigeria bar in 2004 after graduating from the Nigeria Law School. He earned his Master of Laws (LL.M) and a PhD with a focus on Law and Technology from the University of Ottawa, Canada. He is licensed to practice law in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Alberta.